Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Willie G. Davidson posing with my bike at the first National H.O.G. Rally headquartered at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.....1984 I think.

Me and Karen spent 2 nights there during the rally.... they had new Harleys on display in all the main hallways in the hotel.... on the carpet. This picture was taken at Percy Warner Park.

Takin' Kent for a little ride in the yard on the '76 Electra Glide.... mid-80's.

My great grandfather L.M. (Lyttie) Absher making legal whiskey at Adolphus, Ky, around 1900.

L to R...unknown, Cline boy, Ermy Perry, Leonard Dowell, Will Fykes, Lyttie Absher, boy next to his father who was the Federal, or Government Gager. His job was to inspect the still and provide government stamps that were applied to the whiskey barrels.